If we care about the taste of our foods, the look of our clothes, the décor of our living rooms, why wouldn’t we care about the landscape around our homes?

Landscaping provides important form and function in a home’s relationship to its setting. Water is the number one threat to a house and its foundation. All homes need to be landscaped such that excess water is carried away. The form this landscaping takes can be pleasing or oppressive.

A house with its foundation showing is like a man standing outside in his underwear. Good landscaping makes a house look like it is part of the land, not something plopped down on it.Your first impression as you walk up to a house is the landscaping. First impressions are significant and difficult to change. In the sale of a house, a little landscaping can go a long way.

Landscaping is how we make our property our own. We have unique tastes and unique needs and landscaping helps satisfy these. When you spend time in your yard, you should feel like it is a good fit. You should feel comforted and connected.
Good landscaping can provide cool breezes, pleasant views, and sanctuary for birds. It can also create privacy and at times serenity. And if it is done correctly, less mowing.